I just wanted to share my story: I had been suffering from sudden tiredness, undiagnosed muscular and nerve related pain. I was unable to walk or stand up for more than a few minutes. It’s been a long journey here but I am now almost fully recovered, thanks to mindfulness exercises, some herbal remedies and definitely CBD. I’m so grateful to Scott Hider for starting his CBD business and introducing me to this amazing product which I think everyone should be on! I can only say, it has been a lifeline to me in the past 6 months physically and also mentally. It’s given me huge pain relief, calm mind and I’m feeling balanced and generally so much better in my body than I ever did. The benefits weren’t instant for me, I started with 10% oil and I am now taking 20% 6 drops a day, this feels exactly right for me. I don’t post anything on social media very often but this is something I felt was really worth sharing. If you are like me, who didn’t know anything really about CBD oil, Scott’s website is great and has a lot of information about the product I find easy to navigate and buy from. Thanks!