Just played my first game of rugby since November, thanks to CBD – shoulder is ok, even the rest of me isn’t the normal beaten up broken man – tomorrow will tell but CBD made it happen.

UPDATE: I’ve just completed my 5th gym session in 7 days, after walking about 5 miles yesterday on dodgy terrain. Feeling good and I put that down to CBD oil – no it’s not the golden bullet for fitness but I’ve had 5 operations on my knee (2 full ligament reconstructions) and my shoulder has been agony for the last couple of years thanks to rugby, it has even stopped me from playing this season. However – after all this exercise my knee would be painful and like a balloon – it isn’t. It feels fine. My shoulder, whilst still some pain at night has about 30% more range of movement and generally the stabbing pain is now a full ache at times (if I even notice it). So far so good. Cheers Scott