Just a real quick bit of feedback. Ordered yesterday with Scot and it arrived by lunch time the next day! Now I’ve been using CBD a while and saw Scott’s launch just as I was moving up to a 20% strength and his price is by far the best online. Not that I’m one to shop on price though, first impressions…

  1. Really good bottle that when you close tight, it feels closed… The other bottles I’ve had up to now, you can’t do them up like they’re being stopped by the rubber lip of the dropper.
  2. The fluid actually fills the bottle, last two I’ve had, one from the high street and one online, there’s a noticeable lower amount of oil.
  3. The taste.. from what I’ve had previously, this by far is the least gag inducing – it’s never going to be pleasant but if the taste has ever been a concern, this isn’t bad at all.

10% was totally doing it for me and may well go back down to it as it’s a bit more wallet friendly but thought I’d try going up a strength. Cheers Scott!