Become a Reseller

Turn your excitement of CBD oil into an extra income

Why Resell CBD Oil with CBD Legends?

We think you should be rewarded for helping spread the word about CBD Legends, in fact we need you to. Because of all the backwards laws and regulations in the world right now Google and Facebook don't allow CBD companies to advertise. This is good in a way as it keeps out the sellers of poor quality oil but its hard for us reputable companies to get our message out there. With an estimated growth of 800% per year, there is no better time than now to become aligned with CBD Legends.

Becoming a re-seller or what we call an affiliate marketer couldn’t be simpler. Just scroll down and click the signup button below to fill in our application or follow this link.

We pay a market leading 10% commission of the total value of any orders received via your promotion. You will be introducing your friends and family to a reputable supplier and get rewarded for it. They can also become an affiliate if they wish. Everybody benefits.

We will email you to let you know that you have made a sale and that the commission has been credited to your account. You can check your statistics in your user dashboard at any time.

We have decided that to motivate you to build a list of clients you should receive commission on every bottle they buy in the future. Our affiliate system will automatically pay commission on every order your customer makes.

You will be promoting a brand you have confidence in and a belief in the product. Our professional affiliate login will give you tools and features that are state of the art. Every time that a purchase is made under your credentials (Your own web link) you will be credited with that sale and will receive your percentage of the sale value.

It is either, you can use the money to purchase your own CBD Oil, this is a very easy way to get your own supply for free or if you wish to withdraw your commission in cash then that’s fine too.

We tend to find the best re-sellers use our products as they can talk about their own experiences of the company and the products. Being able to share a personal success story can go along way to encouraging others to try CBD. Once you have enrolled and been cleared as a re -seller you will have access to a market leading user dash board that will enable you to make your own unique web address to use to promote with and also some post ideas to get you started. it will clearly show you how many customers have bought through you and also your up to date earnings.

Turn your Audience into an Income

Whether you are a professional affilliate marketer or just someone who has had a great experience with CBD oil, you have the potential to turn CBD Legends into a highly lucrative business opportunity by sharing details of your experiences with your audience.