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CBD Oil is legal to buy, sell and consume in the UK and most of Europe. If you are due to travel on holiday we advise you checking the countries laws and adhering to them.

In a word; no. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the element of the cannabis plant that gets users high and our CBD Oil only contains trace amounts well below the legal limits set by UK law. 

Our lowest strength is twice as strong as you will find on the high street. We think bigger is better and offer 10ml bottles of 10%, 20% and 30%. Lots of people start out on 10% and move onto the best selling 20% when they are comfortable with taking it. 20% is our best seller by far. The 30% is now becoming very popular too. Just imagine they are a low, a medium and a high, and it is for you to decide or message us for advice. 

Yes it is safe to take with other medications but we advise that you leave a gap of two hours between taking the oil and taking the medication as the CBD Oil can sometimes slow the body’s absorption speeds. If you are on a lot of medication we always recommend speaking to your doctor about CBD Oil. 

Yes. We have many customers that have found success treating their children with CBD Oil. We recommend the 10% for any young children.

Our CBD Oil is produced via super critical CO2 extraction which is the cleanest and most effective way to extract CBD. This extraction process ensures that the products contains a wide selection of cannabinoids, antioxidants and beneficial healthy fatty acids.

The oil should be stored at normal room temperature. Because the Oil is greasy it can loosen the dropper lid. We therefore recommend keeping it in something like a plastic sandwich bag when on the move and keeping it upright AT ALL TIMES. Leakages and spillages are not the responsibility of CBD Legends.

CBD Oil is a food supplement and sold by us as a food supplement. We are not legally allowed to make any medical claims about CBD but would encourage you to use Google to do research. This is a very useful website – Also check out what our customers are saying in Success Stories.

We recommend 2-4 drops, two or three times a day. Use the dropper to administer the oil under the tongue. Hold it there for 60 seconds to allow it to get into the blood stream via the saliva glands. A 10ml bottle contains approximately 200 drops and should last just over a month. CBD works on your body’s natural endocannabinoid system and everyone’s is different so there is no strict dosage to follow. It is very much an individual thing. Please head to (The Oil) page and watch the video to understand its benefits.

This product is a food supplement and not a recognised medication and long should it stay that way. Companies that use MG on their packaging and products are either using just CBD isolate which is not as effective as full spectrum oil (whole Plant) and if they are using MG labeling on a full spectrum oil it is impossible for you to be able to measure the amount of CBD in a drop by the MG. Our products and labels are easy and clear. All bottles are 10 ml. In them there is either 10%, 20% or 30% CBD, and other cannabinoids, terpenes and healthy fatty acids that come with a full spectrum oil.

Questions about Delivery

Payment couldn’t be easier. After choosing the products you wish to buy, follow the check out process and you will be able to pay with your credit or debit card. Our payment processor is fully regulated and payment details are encrypted to industry levels.

Delivery in the UK is free and we use Royal Mail’s First Class Recorded Service. Orders outside of the UK will be charged at checkout accordingly. 

If you order by 2PM Monday to Friday you can expect your order to be dispatched the same day. Every order is shipped First Class Recorded Delivery. If you order on Friday, the order will be dispatched on the following Monday. 

We will ship to any countries where CBD is currently legal. An additional shipping fee worked out at checkout will be added to international orders.

All our products are mailed in plain packaging with no branding on them whatsoever.

Our Products

All of our products are high grade, organic and full spectrum. You will not find better value anywhere else!

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