About CBD LEgends

The story so far…

The Founders Story

Having been interested in Cannabis for over 20 years I have a very deep understanding of the whole market and spent 10 years studying and learning more about the cannabis plant. I personally use CBD Oil to help treat my own anxiety, sleep issues and chronic pain. It made complete sense for me to use my 20 years of business experience to build a business that helps people feel better and makes a positive impact on their lives. I am proud to say we are well on our way to this goal with hundreds and soon to be thousands of happy customers.

Scott Hider – Founder

The Story of CBD Legends

When I decided to buy some CBD oil I found other websites and products to be confusing. I didn’t know the quality and the prices were ridiculously expensive. Even though I knew a lot about the subject it still confused me. I knew this would hinder a lot of people from buying and getting the benefits of CBD. I knew I could build some thing easier to understand and focus on building trust, loyalty, great prices and service, the things a lot of business lack these days. We have now launched our new affiliate scheme as we noticed people who have bought our products rave about it on social media. We think you should be rewarded for sharing CBD Legends and we have designed a simple system which you can sign up to and be rewarded financially for helping CBD Legends grow to be a market leader in the CBD world.

Make Money with CBD

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